NCIS Soundtrack Features Joss's New Song, Every Time I Turn Around

The CBS hit crime drama NCIS has announced a new soundtrack release.  NCIS The Official TV Soundtrack, Vol. 2 will include new songs from Joss Stone, Bob Dylan, Norah Jones, and more.  The soundtrack will be available for purchase on November 3rd on CBS Records.  Read the full article on Entertainment Weekly's Music Mix blog.

Take a look at the track listing for NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack, Vol. 2.

1. Bob Dylan, “California”
2. Norah Jones, “That’s What I Said”
3. Joss Stone, “Every Time I Turn Around”
4. Sick Puppies, “That Time Of Year”
5. Sharon Little, “Genie In My Dreams”
6. John Mellencamp, “Someday The Rains Will Fall”
7. Sheryl Crow, “Murder In My Heart”
8. Keaton Simons, “Grim Reaper”
9. Otis Redding, “I’ve Got Dreams To Remember”
10. Michael Weatherly, “Bitter And Blue”
11. Saosin, “ Move Slow”
12. Tom Lehrer, “The Elements”