A Message from Joss Herself!

Hey everyone!

Hope all is well and the eyes that read this are smiling :) I'm going to be playing a gig on Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday. So come on down we'll have a laugh.

I'm gonna play the new songs from the new album that is finally coming out! Hallelujah! Its called 'Colour Me Free.' Out on October 20th in the US and November 2nd in the UK. Don't ask me why. Enjoy it! Share the music with whoever you think would feel good from it. We all had a great time recording it.

There's a making of the album coming shortly too, so you can see us all bedraggled and exhausted. Music was our coffee, best kind of caffeine I've come across.

Also we've got a whole new site coming too. So look out for that. We're on the case, and we've got lots of music and art coming your way.

Hopefully see you all at Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday!   I'm excited! :)

Joss xoxox