Winner Chosen - Design The Cover Contest

Well it certainly has been a difficult but very fun job choosing the artwork for this next album.
Thank you a thousand times to all of you who took part. I loved seeing what you see. The effort and love that has been put into each piece of artwork we received was very inspiring for me. So thank you for that.
I have chosen this piece because it says to me how free we can be. It says to me love, fluidity; Mother Nature's earth is what gives us soul. This lady here looks like the wild flower fairy I wish I could be. She is beautiful, unstoppable and graceful like the rivers that join with the deep blue sea. Eternally free. And that is how I want to feel and wish for everyone to feel that when receiving what i have to give.
Thank you Aoife! You captured something very special here. 
Now I just really hope you like the music.
I better get my ass back in the studio and make this album live up to its cover!
Joss xx