Joss Stone Visits Refugee Camp

Recently we visited Markazi refugee camp in Djibouti. With over 1400 refugees living here many of whom are women and children fleeing from violence, from mainly Yemen. They have arrived traumatised and in need of help. As the camp gets bigger, so too does the need to develop community centres and other facilities to help refugees heal and rebuild their lives, but unfortunately, there is a lack of funding. The UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) showed us around and the conditions of the camp were similar to the previous camp we visited.


Leon and I played some songs for the people young and old and they seem to love it. It really is quite amazing what a simple song can do to put a smile on the faces of those that are struggling so much. What a pleasure to play for these lovely people. I hope more artists from around the world will consider going to share their sounds, a good feeling with the refugees across the world. In fact, I don't hope they consider it, I hope they do it. Calling all musicians if you have the means to do so.... please do .... I have witnessed first-hand how important just a small musical moment is.



Joss xxx


Our plan is to fill a shipping container full of instruments and send it to Djibouti, where the instruments will be distributed to the refugee camps. If anyone has an instrument that they don't use, please send it to the Joss Stone Foundation. #JSTWT

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