There are over 37,000 people currently seeking safety in Djibouti, fleeing war, violence and instability in their home countries. In January 2017 Joss visited two refugee camps in Djibouti, performing and collaborating with musicians in the camps. There were very few instruments available in the camps, and the musicians have asked The Joss Stone Foundation to help them by providing a few more…

Music has the power to create hope and joy, to tell stories of identity and culture across generations, and to bring strength through difficult times. This need is just as important, if not more so, in refugee camps where people have lived through incredible loss.

Donate an instrument: We need instruments! Including: acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, drums (tabla drums especially), simple flutes, and percussion instruments. We’re also looking for mics, a mixer, two amps, a 3KVA generator and two video cameras.

Sponsor the campaign: until May 1st, the money we raise at The Joss Stone Foundation will help us to pay for equipment, instruments and shipping.

Spread the word: share the story on facebook and twitter. The more people involved, the more resources we can provide to the camps.

Your donations and support will provide opportunities to learn, play and hope in a time and place where it is needed most. Thank you for being a part of the story.

Visit our facebook page for more information: www.facebook.com/refugeesounds