Joss Stone become's an ambassador for Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

Malawi is known for its friendly people and beautiful places but poverty, deforestation and wildlife crime have put the nation’s wildlife under immense pressure. The ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ is also Southern Africa’s principal transit hub for the trafficking of illicit products like elephant ivory, which threatens some of the region’s most iconic species with extinction. Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’s works to protect Malawi’s wildlife and habitats, and their work ranges from rescuing orphaned and injured wild animals through to conservation education programmes and law enforcement initiatives that bring serious wildlife criminals to justice. www.lilongwewildlife.org. Joss visited Lilongwe Wildlife Trust in November 2016, here’s more about her visit here: http://www.lilongwewildlife.org/2017/04/13/ambassador-joss-stone/