Remix Contest winners announced

In November last year, we partnered up with SKIO Music to create a remix contest using stems from the album 'Water For Your Soul'

We are excited the winners of the remix contest have now been announced. Thank you to everyone who entered, after listening to so many creative, well-produced remixes, it was a difficult decision to make. Congratulations to all the winners on your inspired work. Great to see so many countries represented.

The winners include: https://skiomusic.com/r/eEl

1st: #Lunareef (Finland)
2nd: #JayFunksta (Denmark)

Clean Water
1st: Gooseberry (Germany)
2nd: #GreyFACE (Germany)
Honorable Mention: #SteveDeParr (USA)

Cut The Line
1st: #MagicGoat (Serbia)
2nd: #Voskhod (Ukraine)

Molly Town
1st: #KilltheController (South Africa)
2nd: @pro.dey.music (India)

Way Oh
1st: #GParty (Belgium)
2nd: #SYA (United Kingdom)

1st: #KarimGhariani (Tunisia)
2nd: Atmosphreal (Italy)

Harry’s Symphony
1st: #SelectedSound (Netherlands)
2nd: #Mecnics (Germany)

The Answer
1st: Lephin (Republic of Korea)
2nd: #LauteHarfe (USA)